Biodiversity And Conservation Of The Tropical Andes And The Amazon Rainforest

Since its foundation, the non-governmental organization: Centro de Ecologia y Biodiversidad (CEBIO), has been promoting the study of biodiversity and conservation of the natural resources and ecosystems of Peru. We achieve these efforts through different programs in research and education.

Through our education program, we have developed national and international intensive workshops focused on training graduate students in field research techniques and analysis of biological information. We have also organized scientific events. In 2012 and 2014 we organized the "Peruvian Symposium of Bats.” More than 100 researchers from 14 countries attended. Also we collaborated to organize the VIII International Meeting of Hymenopterists, with more than 170 attendees from 25 countries around the world. Through our research programs we mainly work on the ecology and biodiversity of the following taxonomic groups: insects and arachnids, small terrestrial mammals, amphibians and reptiles, birds and some groups of plants.

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